Discovering adventures through taste. 

Discovering adventures through taste.

A fresh new brand identity to match the product inside the bag; a product that explores distinct and unique coffees from around the world with brilliant blends and delicious single origins.

The art of sophistication. 

The art of sophistication.

Three blends and four single origin coffees, each one as individual in taste as the culture it draws from its origin; Threesixty coffee is nothing short of adventurous, revealing new origins and flavours through coffee.

Passionate about making fully traceable, premium quality coffee for everyone to experience and enjoy, Threesixty recognised the need for an identity that did their characterful and sophisticated blends justice.

A sense of adventure.

In desperate need of a refresh and under threat of being pulled from the shelves, the Threesixty coffee brand needed a complete overhaul in order to stay relevant and fresh amongst the many competitors on the shelf.
Imagery from the point of sale photography shoot.

Bringing origins to life through illustration.

Our logo marque design makes use of negative space to give a sense of discovery and the use of bright, contrasting colours match the essence of each origin. Combining these items with bespoke illustrations for each coffee, gives a real sense of adventure.
Logo concept one included bespoke hand drawn typography in a rounded shape to symbolise the rounded coffee offer.
Digital version of logo concept one with the addition of a tagline.
Logo concept two uses negative space within the final letter, to portray an element of discovery, finished with a degrees symbol.
Refined version of logo concept two, selected as the final marque.


Rationale -
Associated with freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity and energy.


Rationale -
Associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power and ambition.


Rationale -
Associated with sweet, romance, charm and love.


Rationale -
Associated with growth, harmony, freshness and nature.