Buying and selling property never looked so exciting. 

Buying and selling property never looked so exciting.

A unique website designed to create an exciting user experience through a variety of imagery, animations and user interactions, with the goal of growing engagement, boosting traffic and delivering insight into the motivations of Rightmove overseas property buyers.

A unique view into the motivations of overseas property buyers. 

A unique view into the motivations of overseas property buyers.

Rightmove asked us to create a website dedicated to informing and engaging a key demographic of users who are specifically interested in buying and selling properties overseas. The website needed to clearly demonstrate a variety of data and statistics gathered by Rightmove from over 14 million users who visited Rightmove overseas throughout 2017.

A structural challenge.

The main challenge of the project was creating a structure that allowed us to show the extensive amount of data and statistics gathered by Rightmove. We set out to create a set of dynamic infographics designed to animate and transition as the user scrolls throughout the website.
The imagery selected was designed to create an emotional connection with the user, showing experiences and creating a longing to rekindle that experience.

Creating engagement each and every time.

The data gathered was designed to give the user insight into a variety of trends seen on the Rightmove overseas website, trends such as location popularity, buyers' age group, the volume of live properties and buyer origins. The nature of this data and the information meant that the written and numerical content created for the site had to be structured in a way that could be easily digested by the user whilst creating engagement with individual elements each time they appeared. In addition, the website needed to be capable of comparing the trends and statistics of up to 3 regions and locations at once, allowing the user to gain insight and compare their selections.

Interaction through movement.

Our goal was to create a unique layout and structure that would give the user the best possible experience. We took a design lead approach aiming to create maximum interaction with each and every piece of information within the website.

A unique challenge.

The extensive amount of data we wanted to present created unique challenges as we needed them to work across multiple platforms including mobile devices and desktops. Making sure all elements were responsive and worked on each and every screen size presented another level of complexity throughout development.
The whole website and the way the user interacts with the content is optimised for all screen sizes.