Proud partners. 

Proud partners.

A growing partnership with the highly valued and respected Parks Trust, we’ve worked with this local charity for a number of years to help nurture the brands identity and its positioning within Milton Keynes. From brand creation to creative development and rollout, we have enjoyed helping The Parks Trust continually improve and maintain the 6,000 acres of parkland in the area to improve visitor levels and engagement across the parks.

Local, but diverse. 

Local, but diverse.

With an office located just 5 minutes away, our creative team have been part of developing an extensive range of campaigns and marketing material, from annual reports to posters, guides, leaflets and adverts. These have all been produced with the core aim of raising awareness of the Trust’s contribution to increasing local biodiversity, enhancing education and bringing the local community together through their parks.

Campaign development.

When The Parks Trust introduced the newest nature reserve in Milton Keynes, we were delighted to be their go-to agency for delivering the design and creative. We developed a campaign to deliver the launch with the key aim of bringing the new nature reserve to life. The campaign consisted of concept creation, in addition to the rollout of leaflets and information boards.
Navigating the reserve is easy thanks to brand new signage.
Communicating key messaging behind the campaign.

Evolving the brand, one step at a time.

To differentiate all the parks across Milton Keynes, it was important to give each location its own personality. We developed a suite of logos for each park, all with customised illustrations and colour palettes reflecting the specific landmarks within those parks. The portfolio is constantly growing and we are working with The Parks Trust on developing these, which we are very excited about!
This main logo, designed for use on all coloured branding material.
Secondary logo for Howe Park Wood, reflecting the areas of woodland, wildlife and colour.
Secondary logo for Furzton Lake, representing the Triple Star Head landmark – comet-shaped with its tail erupting from the earth.
Secondary logo for Campbell Park, representing the Light Pyramid, which commemorates special local and national events.


Autumn and Winter -
Symbolising a warming fire on cold, crisp days.

Active blue

Water -
Represents the lakes and nature reserves across local parks.

The canopy

Nature -
Highlighting the changing parkland colours across the seasons.

Green fingers

Greenery -
Celebrating the vibrant colours of Spring and Summer.