Giving more this Christmas. 

Giving more this Christmas.

The pizza brand that keeps on giving - we've worked together with Papa John’s to create a Christmas Campaign with a difference. It isn’t the prettiest (although charming in its own way!), but it raises loads of dough for charity, and that's its real beauty.

The real beauty is the dough we raise for charity. 

The real beauty is the dough we raise for charity.

We've supported Papa John’s with their vision to create a purposely cut-price, DIY Christmas campaign. Scrapping the use of fancy designers, illustrators and photographers, all the savings made from their creative and marketing budgets go direct to their charity partners, Crisis and The Trussell Trust, to support in their fight to end homelessness and hunger.

How did we do Christmas on a budget? We got the Papa John's people to pick up their sharpies, get creative and doodle to their heart's content to create all the illustrations we’d need for a charming campaign, simply called ‘Giving more this Christmas’. Unearthing some Picassos along the way, every drawing and piece of handwriting is truly authentic and brings employees close to the heart of the campaign.

On the cheap.

Elaborate Christmas TV ad? Nah, let's do it on the cheap and simply promote the Papa John's charity partnerships to gain awareness for the cause. The film is set to ‘Deck the halls’ (yep, you guessed it, a cheap stock track) and features a simple grey background, pizza boxes decorated with marker pens, and acted out by Papa John’s employees. Simple, but we think really effective!
A behind the scenes look at the team, working on the production of the TV ad.

Giles Codd,
Marketing Director.

“After what has been an incredibly tough year so far, we wanted to take the opportunity, with our Christmas campaign, to raise awareness and funds for our charity partners. After all, there are sometimes more important things than pizza and this is certainly one of those times. We’re incredibly proud to be working with Crisis and The Trussell Trust, two causes that aim to eradicate homelessness and hunger, providing vital services to people in the UK."

"Our Christmas designs, drawn by team members across the business, may not be the prettiest, but raising money for important causes is the real beauty of the campaign. We hope that our ‘Giving more this Christmas’ campaign raises awareness and as many donations as possible.”