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Christmas should be a joyous time shared with family and friends. It really is ‘better shared’. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have family and friends to share Christmas with.


Papa John’s is a brand with an ethos of ‘doing better’. It’s why, together with the Papa Johns marketing team, we created a Christmas brand partnership with Crisis, a charity on a mission to eradicate homelessness and support those in need during the festive period and beyond.

The integrated campaign spanned across TV, digital channels, social media, in-store activity, a limited edition pizza box, on-line merchandise store and more. Every touchpoint became an opportunity to raise awareness for Crisis, exposing them to millions of eyes on TV and online.


The campaign was a huge success on many levels, helping Papa Johns to smash their fund raising targets for Crisis, generate record December sales and also win a few Drum awards along the way.


Brand campaign



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The Papa Johns ‘Christmas is better shared’ campaign was born out of a desire to raise funds for homeless charity, Crisis. Yanni the yeti, Stan the snowman and Penny the penguin created an emotive Christmas story around isolated figures who come together for a festive feast.

TV 60’ advert

Our story portrayed our lonely characters meeting new friends and enjoying good times at the festive feast festival. ‘Christmas is better shared’ taps into shared moments, and the importance of speaking out when in need of help and support.

Limited edition box

The limited edition, festive pizza box is illustrated to show people coming together during the Christmas period. Young or old, yeti or penguin, it’s a time of year better shared. You could get lost in the intricacies of the festival, discover the shared moments between friends and even try to spot the five hidden items while you’re enjoying your pizza before sharing what you discover via Papa John’s social channels.

Raise awareness

A campaign designed to generate funds for the charity, 50p of each festive meal deal purchased and every penny of the profits from a merchandise store went to Crisis.

Merchandise store

We also created a ‘print to order’ festive shop where you could buy Christmas items from the campaign such as jumpers, phone cases, mugs and more. All proceeds were donated to Crisis.