Opening up Milton Keynes. 

Opening up Milton Keynes.

MK Gallery is a charitable organisation and recognised as one of the UK’s leading visual art galleries. At the beginning of 2019 the Gallery completed a large renovation project designed to boast larger exhibition spaces, stunning views via its sky room, family workshop areas and a variety of hospitality options.

A creative partnership. 

A creative partnership.

We were invited to take part in a tender process to be selected as MK Gallery’s primary agency and creative partner to support its relaunch and ongoing development going forward.

As part of this process we were successfully chosen to develop and create a campaign designed to raise the profile of MK Gallery’s Spring 2019 relaunch.

The objective was to alter people’s opinions and perceptions of the gallery, by informing, educating and enlightening them of the types of experiences, space available and facilities on offer at the new MK Gallery.

A new audience.

MK Gallery wanted their facilities and cultural programme to appeal to a broader more diverse audience, a space for everyone, not just the discerning art enthusiast. This objective was not just for the relaunch period; it would be the focus for ongoing communications and activations.
Accessibility and attracting a new audience were key to the relaunch.

Creatively lead, strategically delivered.

The development of a creatively lead campaign with a strategic marketing plan and activity role out was viewed as being key to their success. As part of this strategic approach we needed to really understand the public’s perception of the gallery and how to better position MK Gallery to achieve its goals. From our research into current visitors and further exploration into the existing customer journey a couple of common themes began to appear.

The Gallery wasn’t a priority or a primary destination for many visitors, it was often part of broader trip into the centre of Milton Keynes. People felt it lacked an emphasis on family and wasn’t seen as a destination for groups of all ages.