A birthday to remember. 

A birthday to remember.

A not-for-profit community project that enabled the very best businesses of Milton Keynes to commemorate the city’s 50-year birthday, whilst also helping to raise significant funds for some amazing local charities.

Celebrating the city. 

Celebrating the city.

Milton Keynes' 50th birthday presented us with a unique opportunity; to create a truly memorable brand for a local community project which would spearhead the milestone birthday celebrations of one of the UK's largest new cities.

Udderly stunning brand design.

Cygnus were challenged to not only create a fun and vibrant brand that resonated with the local community, but also to develop an integrated communications strategy that included extensive social media engagement, web management, press and PR, promotional materials and event collateral.
Brand merchandise.
The first event at Centre:MK unveiled 50 life-sized branded cows.

Branding the herd.

Throughout the campaign, Cygnus created an array of considered brand communications, which not only helped increase well-deserved sponsorship, but also encouraged community engagement. The website and social media management was integral in sharing key news stories and increasing awareness of fundraising activities throughout the year.
We decided early on that the logo should be black to maximise legibility and impact across an array of marketing materials.
Option 2 featured joined up writing to demonstrate the togetherness of the community project.
The third design features broken lettering and a large sweep to symbolise a cow lick.
Our final concept was chosen due to its blocky, curvy font representing traditional cow markings.

Grazing Grass

Colour -
Celebrating MK's vast expanses of hidden greenery.

Bucket Blue

Colour -
A nod to the public's love of MK's many lakes.

Cowbell Gold

Colour -
Saluting the Pagan leyline of Midsummer Boulevard.

Pasture bedtime

Colour -
A little taste of the city's vibrant nightlife.

Hunt the Herd treasure hunt.

One aspect of the Herd About MK project was 'Hunt the Herd', which encouraged local business, schools and the wider community to engage in a 4 week long treasure hunt across the city, in search of sponsored cows hidden in various locations. Hints were shared on social media and in the press, with participants sharing photos online of when they found the cows.