Challenging perceptions. 

Challenging perceptions.

At the end of 2018 a new automotive brand inspired by design, as well as a rich heritage in performance vehicles and championship racing, launched in the UK. As the comprehensive marketing service for all SEAT Dealer marketing in the UK we were invited to lead the adaptation and redevelopment of SEAT’s new CUPRA brand, its guidelines and corporate identity for the UK market.

Effortless, stylish & unconventional. 

Effortless, stylish & unconventional.

This adaptation was key from a legal and financial standing, but we also needed to further develop the brand guidelines, as well as the creation and development of assets and sales materials for the UK audience.

This was done in partnership with SEAT’s Spanish agency C14TORCE. It’s our job to ensure the 120 SEAT franchises deliver the same message for CUPRA both nationally and on a local level.

To do this, we ensure the development, creation, management and delivery of all point of sale, print and digital assets to the Dealer network.

Technology & passion.

Since the release of the first production CUPRA, SEAT has manufactured 15 CUPRA models over the last 20 years. The focus of the CUPRA was to develop a high-end, high-performance vehicle with sporty characteristics, designed to win over the most discerning petrol head.
Racing and performance runs through the DNA of the CUPRA brand.

Dedication & delivery.

Our dedicated team work incredibly closely with SEAT UK and its internal teams, playing a key role in the development and delivery of key campaigns over the last few years. The team has a deep and strategic understanding of the automotive industry and is specifically structured to execute and deliver campaigns and projects such as launching the CUPRA brand with franchises throughout the UK.