Prospectus Design

See how we helped the University of Northampton reach out to new students

The University of Northampton approached us to create the 2016 Undergraduate Prospectus, their flagship document. The project involved creating a concept that tied seamlessly into the student recruitment campaign. The team set to work on creating a high quality course brochure, utilising photography and emotive copy writing to deliver the University’s key messages.

University of Northampton prospectus cover

The Process

Working closely with the central marketing department at the University of Northampton, our internal systems and pre-agreed timelines were fine-tuned to align with the requirements of the institution, ensuring the delivery of a first class document for the client.

University of Northampton prospectus spread

The Solution

The prospectus features content to inform prospective students and their parents about the University’s facilities and services, as well as over 170 course pages. The student testimonials within the document has been particularly successful in achieving the objectives by supporting the student recruitment process for the University.



The design features real students and graduates in real-life situations. Every course features a unique code to make the application process smoother, along with cross-references to alternative studies.

The final result completely exceeded our expectations. With their inventiveness, commitment and flexible approach to the project, they proved to be an excellent creative partner and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Kate Missin, Marketing Officer – Marketing and Communications, The University of Northampton