30th September 2020

Focused on Opportunities 

Focused on Opportunities

It’s tough as a young talent entering industry - you’re keen, enthusiastic and ambitious. All you need now is some experience and an opportunity to shine.

At such a turbulent time and within a saturated job market, gaining valuable industry experience and adding that experience and work to a portfolio is certainly a luxury. There’s no denying that within any organisation you need to invest significant time, budget and resource into any work experience, placement students and interns you offer opportunities to. There is no point bringing in young talent without a plan - they need to gain as much out of any time you can spare as your business does.

Say hi to the creatives of tomorrow

In my mind raw, young, talented creatives offer many new fresh perspectives in all areas of our team and agency. We also recognise real value in the development of our own team by providing them with the chance to become work experience mentors and develop and practise their leadership and management skills.

We have been running our ‘Horizons’ initiative in partnership with Milton Keynes College for the past 4 years. Essentially, we work with a pool of enthusiastic students to take on a brief, walk through the creative process and deliver a tangible piece of course work that forms part of their overall course delivery. We stay very close to their developments and work with the students to provide feedback and support. Over the years we have seen many advantages to the initiative, resulting in credible work being taken forward, finished artwork utilised and aiding brand awareness. It means so much to us and the students – it’s certainly a win, win scenario.

We also get the same rewards when working with University graduates and interns. Obviously, being slightly further on in their career path, they have one eye on the end game and focus on the areas that they wish to pursue at the start of their career. This is really exciting and something we relish. Containing their enthusiasm is one thing, making sure their attributes are ready for the world of work is another. We get a lot from the fresh thinking and bold approach and in return we craft their rounded skills to offer them the best opportunities in any organisation.

Recently, we were given an opportunity to work with the team at The Old Red Lion, Great Brickhill, to develop their brand and marketing strategy. Under new management with a new vision and step change, once renovated it was a branding project we were all excited by. The heavy lifting of the brand development was delivered by the team and was well received by our client, their customers and community alike. As part of this success and ongoing partnership, the next wave of marketing requirements was to enhance the imagery featured on their website and digital marketing channels. This provided an opportunity to engage with a local, talented young photographer.

Meet Sam. Currently studying Creative Media, he has always had a passion for photography. After reviewing his course work and his own captured imagery, our client was happy to give him an opportunity to gain vital experience and put his own creative drive into their brand photography. A day of planning followed by an online recce, Sam was prepared and had his kit and ideas ready to shoot.

Photography is a powerful medium of emotion, expression and communication and as a key part of our day-to-day work whenever we are creating a brand, photography and video are vital strands of any identity.

A mix of photography was required, from food through to lifestyle. It was key that the newly-refurbished environment was captured not only to demonstrate the quality of The Old Red Lion but for the imagery to really reflect this and in turn create their own imagery. It’s easy to collate royalty-free imagery, however if you want your brand and business to stand out from the crowd and be positioned correctly, having your own is a must.

After a day of shooting, Sam began the editing stage, firstly by picking out a selection of the correct photos and secondly producing a contact sheet delivered to the client to agree which of those would go to the third stage of editing. Colour, hue and tone adjustments in Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro enhanced the final photography in readiness of next steps. The final edits were then selected to feature on the newly refreshed website in addition to being utilised for social media channels and future projects going forward.

The results are now online for us all to see. A truly successful project for both Sam and The Old Red Lion that has truly added value, not only as a branding exercise but also for an individual gaining experience in an industry he is passionate about.

I’m thankful for having the opportunity to get involved in such a great project. Giving me the flexibility to set up, direct and shoot the photography was so refreshing. It meant I could work at my own pace and try things that I’ve never done before. The team at The Old Red Lion were very accommodating and any questions or requests I had were quickly dealt with. From the food prepared by the chefs to the amazing views on the terrace, it made capturing the brand and environment that bit more exciting.”


We are proud to have client partners that are open-minded and willing to support local, young talent. Helping someone in their career is incredibly rewarding. We would like to thank the team at the Old Red Lion for supporting Sam and this initiative. The valuable experience he has gained will certainly be recognised in his studying.

To see final results of the photoshoot, please visit www.oldredlionpub.co.uk


Author: Martin Carmody