iPad App Design & Build

UCC Coffee are wowing clients in the field – see how we helped them do it

UCC Coffee have an on-the-road sales team of over 60, meeting new and existing clients on a daily basis. It was crucial they had a presentation tool that showed off their company in a consistent and professional way to enhance their sales process – that’s where the app comes in!


The Process

We worked closely with UCC to determine exactly what they needed from the app, then carefully wireframed and prototyped to perfect the layout and user interface. The final page count ran to over 200 pages.


The Solution

We created an entirely bespoke iPad app, designed to work on the road but make use of wi-fi when available. User friendly navigation and a ‘coffee cart’ allows relevant product PDFs to be added to a custom email that can be sent straight to the client.

The Right Machine for you

We’ve designed a clever solution to provide customers with a transparent, unbiased recommendation for the right coffee machine for their specific needs. The app asks the customer a short series of questions which builds a series of answers that results in producing the right machine for the job. They can then opt to have PDF version of the machine emailed to them to review at a later date. It also creates a great bit of theatre to impress a new client!



The sales app has been a massive success, impressing customers and team members using it.

Cygnus really understand our business and customer base. They deliver on a constant basis with genuine creative flair that adds value to our business and customers keeping us ahead of the competition.

Dan McGrath, Marketing Manager, UCC Coffee