Film production, motion and animation. 

Film production, motion and animation.

If a picture can say a thousand words, how much can moving images tell you? In a world of brand storytelling, our films and animations create engaging and dynamic content that captures an audience’s collective imagination. Whether sharable content for social, TV adverts or brand films for your website, we can help you to create meaningful conversations with your customers.

Memorable, digestible, sharable.

We push creative boundaries to help your brand tell stories and create content that engages, entertains and activates your audiences. Whether that’s explainer videos, TV commercials, brand films, YouTube pre-roll, infographic animations, training or product videos, to name but a few, we get under the skin of the challenge and your objectives. We take the time to break down and simplify, consider the right platforms, technologies and audiences to create films with personality that spark emotion and drive action.

Putting the wheels in motion.

Pre-production is critical and where everything begins, with strategy, concept creation, script writing and storyboarding. It’s where the ideas happen, the audience is considered and channels are selected, whether that be TV, social or to use on your website. If we’re filming, every detail is planned and beautiful footage is captured, whether on location or on set. Our post-production team will then craft, colour grade, add music or voice over and then edit to perfection across all the relevant sizes and time lengths based on the content roll out strategy.
“With people more time poor than ever, film and animation is the best way to connect with them and tell your stories in digestible and memorable ways.”

Let’s get people animated.

In our fast-paced and impatient world, where keeping people’s attention for more than 60 seconds is seen as a huge success, animation is the best way to get a message across quickly and creatively. It’s short, sweet and straight to-the-point – plus it’s attention grabbing! Our animators, illustrators and designers work closely together to bring any idea to life, whether that be 2D or 3D. We let our imagination run wild with animation projects as it’s an opportunity to tell a story in the most unique way.
With their confidence, excellent execution and meeting quick-turnaround deadlines, we decided to put more creative campaign briefs through Cygnus. They have a fantastic attitude and work ethic and always go above and beyond.
Louise Wardle, Papa Johns