Brand strategy, architecture and brand creation. 

Brand strategy, architecture and brand creation.

We believe the most powerful brands create emotional connections with their customers. Whether you’re creating a new brand or refreshing your existing one, our five step process will help you gain valuable insights into your competitors, your market position, your true brand purpose and ensure you’re differentiating yourself.

Finding your brand’s purpose.

A brand’s purpose is the very reason for your organisation’s existence. In a world where brands need to stand out from the crowd, you need to think beyond simply ‘what’ you offer and communicate ‘why’ you do what you do. As you begin to tell your story, it gives people something to believe in and engage with, building brand loyalty, trust and advocacy. Get this right, and people will embrace your brand, making it a part of their daily lives. Understanding your brand's purpose will also give your employees something to believe in, creating an internal culture. They are after all, fundamental to delivering your brand every day.

Looks are only skin deep.

We believe in creating brands with meaning and depth. What are your brand’s unique characteristics and personality? How does it speak? Does it have strong opinions and values? Our brand workshops can help you discover this, establishing a fully rounded picture of who you are and what you stand for. All of this is fundamental to establishing what’s behind your brand before you can move on to creating its identity and visual style. Without these considerations you may have a brand that looks beautiful on the surface, but dig a little deeper and there’ll be nothing there.
“We’ll help you to establish what your brand does best and how it can differentiate itself from the competition. All while giving you a brand with purpose and meaning.”

Creating brands, not blands.

Once we’ve established your brand essence, we can begin to think about how to share your story in a simple and engaging way. We’ll take you on a journey of discovery as we create your brand’s big idea, bringing it to life with more tangible cues which create your brand identity, such as a logo, typography, colours, photography, illustration and animation. It’s the combination of these elements that create a memorable and unforgettable brand. We will then plan and implement your brand rollout, with brand guidelines ensuring consistency at every brand touchpoint. Our strategists, creatives, designers and copywriters will work hand-in-hand to lovingly craft a brand to not only be proud of, but that is also focused on your business objectives.
We’ve had such a great experience with the team. We felt like they really listened to what we were looking for from our brand and guided us through each stage of the project. They were full of ideas and we’ll certainly be working with them again in the near future.
Ryan Horne, Hornes Brewery