Responsive Email Template Design

See how we’re helping a global institution reach out to its customer base

The Open University approached us to help them manage their HTML newsletters internally. Their existing system involved getting emails created by a third party from a series of pre-set content blocks, and they wanted the process streamlining and bringing in-house.

Open University

The Approach

As they had coding knowledge in-house, they wanted the ability to use pre-designed content blocks that they could drop into a template to create a complete email – they needed the flexibility to adjust the layout as required. Their existing template weren’t responsive, and it was a key requirement that the new designs be mobile friendly.

Open University

The Solution

Our fully responsive solution allows them to select from several pre-defined layouts and create a fully bespoke email layout depending on the project requirements. This meant that all their email broadcasts could be managed internally (and much quicker) without the need for incurring third party costs.

Open University email template

The solution has been a great success, cutting down on admin and allowing the client greater control over when and how they send out their communications.