4th July 2018

Why workplace flexibility really is good for business. 

Why workplace flexibility really is good for business.

Over the past few years we’ve all seen a dramatic shift in the agency workplace environment. More and more young people are becoming educated about the benefits of working within a flexible culture, whilst the rest of us are trying our hardest to adapt to offer a more flexible culture to keep up with the ‘Jones’.’

Embrace the change.

So, why are we so hell bent on offering millennials more than just a 9 to 5 office-based role and what benefits can flexible working offer the future of #agencylife?

Well, flexible working goes against everything work life historically stood for; the 9am starts, appointments outside of work time, minimal coffee breaks or, as I like to refer to it, the ‘hostage situation’ which, generally starts every Monday and ends at 5pm on a Friday.

Firstly, we need to remind ourselves that flexibility does not mean undoing all the ‘good’ of the business. In fact, it very much means the opposite and can enhance the overall performance of the business.

So, here are just a few of the benefits we have embedded into our flexible culture at Cygnus to help drive the future of our work forward:


Attracting the best
Attract and retain the best talent to enable your business to grow


Trust your team
Trust builds teams and drives partnerships forwards. It creates a solid foundation, but leaves employees feeling considered in the wider business


Empowered staff
Delivering a culture that drives independence and allows teams the freedom to make decisions


Take time
Allowing staff to vary their start and finish times to attend various work and private commitments


Happier people
A good work-life balance ethos breeds collaboration, drives productivity but mostly importantly creates a fun working environment for everyone to be a part of


To move with the times and successfully deliver a flexible working culture it really must be at the heart of your company ethos and supported by management.

At Cygnus, we continually review our processes and policies to truly put this into practice. From our side, flexible working can only enhance your business. It’s here to stay, so embrace the change.


Author: Laura Mills