14th February 2022

Top Picks: Our Favourite Valentine’s Campaigns 

Top Picks: Our Favourite Valentine’s Campaigns

Ah, it's that time of year again. Expensive chocolate. A flurry of flowers being purchased. Possible proposals from every angle… that’s right, Valentine’s Day is here.

Which one is your favourite?

Despite Valentine’s Day’s unique start to life (we won’t go into the questionably gruesome ancient festival), it has become a heavily commercialised day of celebration. So, what better way to celebrate the day of love than with a run down of Valentine’s campaigns we’ve fallen in love with over the years.

Match.com’s “Match Made in Hell” campaign

Of course this was directed by Ryan Reynolds.

Satan matches with a woman called 2020 (you can see where this is going), and their love blossoms over stealing toilet paper to Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story.’ Telling this hilarious love story in a relatable way subverts the 2020 norms and makes Match.com more user friendly.

Gu Dessert’s ‘Love Notes’

Who doesn’t love a Gu Dessert? In 2020 they launched a campaign called Love Notes, which featured adapted song titles to incorporate the Gu brand. Ed Sheeran fans loved these.

Pandora’s “Getting real with real people.”

Pandora obviously does very well around this time of year, but in 2021 they put out a very personal and inclusive campaign video that focuses primarily on the customer, and what love means to them. Beautiful.

Hershey’s Chocolate ‘Hershey Kisses.’

Now this is a real throwback. In 1907, the famous Hershey Kisses were introduced to the world and have been their most famous product since. Apparently they were called Kisses because when dropped from the conveyor belt, it would sound like a kiss…

Tinder x Spotify “Valentine’s Day Playlist”

Tinder and Spotify, what could be a more iconic pairing?

Tinder discovered the power of adding anthems to user profiles led to more matches, so they teamed up with Spotify to create playlists with the best love songs. Spotify found they gained a 49% listener increase in these love themed playlists. Now that’s a very successful match!

Youtube “Tune in, Hook up.”
Did you know YouTube originated as an online dating site? We know, neither did we. The idea was that singles could upload videos of themselves, like an early version on Tinder. Steve Chen, the Co-Founder, claims its invention as the brainchild of “three guys on Valentine’s Day that had nothing to do.” The more you know!

There are plenty of Valentine’s campaigns out there, and the key to the best campaigns seems to be authenticity, collaboration and… well… a lot of chocolate.