17th December 2019

The Christmas ‘Switch off ’. 

The Christmas ‘Switch off ’.

Die Hard on the TV, sweet wrappers left in the Roses Tin, indulgent food, Christmas markets, family, friends, fun, laughter and not forgetting Chris Rea ‘Driving Home from Christmas’. It’s that time of year again.

Step back & reflect.

This year has flown by, and it’s not surprising when we take a step back to reflect on everything we have achieved as a team this year. Everyone has constantly been busy throughout the year and the time has now come for the majority of businesses to truly lock up their laptops in readiness of the festivities.

It’s one of my favourite times of year, we get together and spend quality time with family and friends. This year, our offices will be closed in between Christmas and New Year, which will give us all a well-earned break.

Most of us look forward to our Christmas holidays for all sorts reasons. However long your Christmas holiday, it’s vital to use this time to properly ‘switch off’ and enjoy you own festive freedom. The well-being of the team under-pins the values of Cygnus.

We encourage the team to step away from technology. Day-to-day, during the working week, it’s too easy to become glued to a mobile or laptop and always anticipating that next new message, social activity, email or update. That’s why it’s important that we re-charge our batteries and ultimately prepare ourselves to come back in the new year, re-energised, motivated and enthusiastic for a productive year ahead.

We get so used to dashing from one place to another during the working week, that it can be hard to drop the habit when we’re on a break. Ironically, the objectives for a fantastic Christmas are the same as running a busy agency. Agenda’s need planning, expectations are set, time needs managing, objectives need to be considered! Fortunately, this can all be done at our own pace without any stress or strain. 

So enjoy yourselves, eat, drink, have fun and laugh, a lot. There have never been a better excuse to do so.

We will switch-off the office lights together, lock the doors and look forward to creating the very best work with our valued, client partnerships in the new year. We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and prosperous new year.


Author: Martin Carmody