13th December 2018

The Christmas ‘Switch off’. 

The Christmas ‘Switch off’.

Die Hard on the TV (yes, it is a Christmas movie), empty wrappers in the chocolate tin, too much food, magical Christmas markets, family, friends, fun, laughter and let’s not forget Chris Rea ‘Driving home for Christmas’. It’s one of my favourite times of the year!

How do we make the most of the holidays?

For me, 2018 really has flown by, and as I take a step back, to reflect on everything that we have achieved as a team, it’s no surprise that the year has almost come to an end and we are about to enter 2019. Every member of the Cygnus team has worked extremely hard throughout the year, and now the time has come for most of us to lock up our laptops, prepare for the festivities and let the team enjoy a hugely deserved and well earned break.

Most of us look forward to our Christmas holidays, but for many of us, it’s a struggle to really switch off. So, what can we do to help ourselves leave our work in the office and properly enjoy our festive freedom.


Plan for when you return to work – the last week at work before any holiday or break is usually, for most, a manic one. You’re tying up loose ends, frantically trying to complete things that must be done before you leave, but try and keep it to that. Make a list of things that can wait until you return, so that when you come back, hopefully refreshed, having forgotten what you were doing when you left the office ‘last year’, you are ready to hit the ground running with all the priorities you listed before you left.

Accept that you’ll need to play catch up when you return – what’s the better option? Stress out for the whole of the Christmas holidays, when there is little you can do about it anyway as everyone else is out of the office, or give yourself a break, enjoy your time, and deal with it properly when you, and your colleagues, clients and customers are all back at work too. I think, and hope most agree that the latter is the better option! Don’t be afraid of what might be an extra busy few days when you return – everyone will be in the same boat.

Celebrate that you’re all finishing work together – we’ve already had the Cygnus Christmas party, and as I write this we have an office Christmas lunch planned for during the week here in the studio where we will eat together, share Secret Santa gifts, play some Christmas classics on the SONOS and wish one another a very merry end of 2018. In my role, I believe it’s important to encourage my team to let go, relax, have fun and spend time with their families.


The well-being of the team underpins the values of Cygnus, and I will be making sure that everyone here does their best to step away from technology, recharge their batteries and ultimately prepare to come back in the New Year, re-energised, motivated and enthusiastic for a productive year ahead.


Ironically, the preparations for a great Christmas are the same as running a busy agency. Agendas need planning, expectations are set, time needs managing and objectives need to be considered! Hopefully though, we do the Christmas prep at our own pace, and don’t let it stress us out… too much.  


So, this leaves me to say, enjoy it! Eat, drink and be merry, have fun and laugh a lot. There’s rarely a better excuse to do so.


We will switch off the office lights together, lock the doors and look forward to creating our best work yet with both new and existing clients in the New Year.


From us all at Cygnus, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and prosperous 2019.


Author: Martin Carmody