25th March 2019

Talent on the MK Horizon. 

Talent on the MK Horizon.

Whatever you might be seeking beyond your horizons, it usually makes sense to thoroughly research, gain insight and exhaust all options before committing to anything. When we search for the very best, we sometimes overlook what is right our under our nose and this is no different in marketing. Too often, we think we should look far and wide, up and down to find the right solution, a suitable product or a great team to work with.

But what if what we’re looking for is on our doorstep?

I’ve spent a number of years throughout my career based in London offices and I loved the hustle and bustle of the city and the creative energy it generates. Whilst there, I was lucky enough to work with many talented individuals and outstanding teams, always relishing the opportunity to collectively deliver engaging projects and campaigns for exciting brands across a variety of sectors.


So why am I telling you this? What relevance does my past in the big smoke have to what I’m trying to say? Well, over the years, perhaps more since leaving London, I’ve come to realise that there is a perception and an assumption that if you want to work with the cream of the crop then you need to go to a London-based creative and digital agency. Now, I’m not going to argue that this isn’t totally true, and yes some of the very best teams, talent and agencies are based in London, however, there is a wave of talent that simply cannot and must not be ignored. This wave is rippling its way outside of the capital and sitting within the home counties and beyond. As the UK population expands, so do the businesses and opportunities within them. Fast developing areas, like Milton Keynes, are exciting, where new technology and development will always entice proactive businesses.


Being a part of Milton Keynes and its existing and further predicted significant growth, drives us here at Cygnus and motivates us to continually seek and explore new opportunities. Our area is swelling quickly and further expansion plans, infrastructure and development makes it an exciting place to be. There’s a lot going on, a vast population increase, the Oxford to Cambridge corridor and the influx of students expected in the near future to the new Milton Keynes University. More and more businesses are making the city their home and this can only lead to a brighter future for us all.  


The Cygnus team is bursting with local talent and we are honoured to work with an abundance of the finest teams, brands and businesses within MK. We’re proud to work with big brands and well known household names, but whatever a businesses’ shape or size, we are always keen to get involved and collaborate on new projects and challenges.  


We predominantly work with businesses based in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. This makes perfect sense, as working around the corner from our client base allows us to discuss project objectives, present our thoughts and receive feedback face-to-face. We find this personal approach invaluable and it gives us the opportunity to be flexible and responsive so that projects move forward swiftly. It’s an approach welcomed by our partners and the results prove it. 


We’re inspired to work on challenging projects for a broad range of industries and businesses to add value and make a real impact. That’s what makes us tick and maintains a vibrant and fresh approach from our team.


Cygnus’s business values support the wealth of local talent we are so fortunate to have available and we believe in providing opportunities. Initiatives with local students, like our Horizons project offer industry experience and apprenticeship schemes to those that shine and that we can see have potential – it’s all part of our ethos. We are keen to engage as early as possible with these young stars in the hope that we can turn their heads to become early adopters of agency life and hopefully begin their future at Cygnus.


Lifestyle, work/life balance and wellbeing is important to us and we have built this in to our culture. We’re passionate about the brands we work with and we pride ourselves in working as part of a credible team that creates brands, develops marketing strategies, crafts design concepts and builds online solutions. There is no place in our business for egos, complacency or hierarchy – we are one team, and we will only deliver the very best work for our partners.


So, when we’re looking for new talent, we know it most certainly is on our doorstep and like us, other businesses should look closer to home to see what’s beyond the horizon for Milton Keynes. By staying local, we’ve have created a team whose passion and engagement is contagious, and clients and partners that are delighted with what we’re creating for them. We make sure that anything and everything leaving our studio is of the highest standards – and what’s more – it’s all made in MK.


Author: Martin Carmody