31st January 2019

Super Bowl LIII... The return of the King. 

Super Bowl LIII... The return of the King.

Marketing trends… What are they? Where do they come from? Well, one of the major worldwide events where marketing trends are born is an American event that most of the world’s population want to attend at least once in their lifetime - the Super Bowl.

The greatest show on earth?

For anyone not familiar with it, or those who have never heard of it (doubtful), it is the pinnacle event in American Football, a one-off ‘cup final’ equivalent to the FA Cup or Champions League finals, to crown the champions of the NFL.


The question is, why am I writing about marketing trends for the entire world and American football? Well, Super Bowl LIII (that’s 53 for those of us who don’t speak Roman) is upon us and it is the traditional time for marketeers to show off their masterpieces and attract as many views as possible. In comparison to UK trends, it is like the Christmas ads in the UK that we all wait for every year. Except in the USA it’s not just the equivalent to the John Lewis ad everyone gets excited about, it has a real razzmatazz around the build up to all the ads. If we look at some figures it gives us a clearer picture of its scale. Historically, the Super Bowl draws a viewing audience of over 100m in the USA alone and will generate $414 million in just 49 minutes of ad time (per marketingdive.com). Just let that sink in. It sounds crazy, but if we look at the companies who normally do fork out and buy air time it will all make sense.


Nike, Stella Artois, Coca-Cola, Pringles, Toyota, Volvo, Papa John’s (a partner of ours in the UK, by the way! Check it out here), Budweiser, Heinz, Pizza Hut, Pepsi and Audi are just some of the regular big brands to participate, and the pressure to create a memorable ad is immense. A-list celebrity endorsements are a mainstay too, this year alone featuring the likes of Harrison Ford, Serena Williams, Michael Bublé & Sarah Jessica Parker. Check out the Amazon ad below, which highlights the number of familiar faces willing to be a part of this huge event. So, now you can see why it is such a big deal in the marketing world.



Advertising during the Super Bowl has become a sporting event of its own for brands. And the process is not as easy as just releasing a sparkly new ad on game day. There are a few crucial steps every brand needs to take before the final show. First of all, the list of advertisers lucky and wealthy enough to get a prime-time spot is published (and this year there were a few surprises, which we will talk about a bit later). Then the next step is to release a teaser of your campaign – have a look at some of the teasers released for this year’s game. The marketing world waits for these teasers impatiently, because you can get a real taste of what is to come and start to generate a buzz around your campaign. Finally, the most exciting step is the event itself that will be a guiding light for marketeers for the next year – a benchmark.


This year’s Super Bowl promises to be an interesting one. Simply because Burger King have dipped their toe in after a 12-year absence with their intriguing “Mystery Box” campaign. Created in collaboration with DoorDash (a food delivery company like Just Eat or Deliveroo), customers who place an order over $10 for Burger King food via their app in the run up to the Super Bowl will also receive a ‘Mystery Box’ in the post, only meant to be opened for the big game. They haven’t disclosed what’s in the box or why you’ll need it during the game, but I’m keen to find out what they have up their sleeve. Can you feel the excitement? I certainly can!



This is a strong return after a long-term absence, with a teaser approach that no one expected, showing the King prepping himself for the big game. As well as publishing a standard teaser, the campaign encourages customers to excitedly wait for the Super Bowl itself, as well as the commercial breaks. How clever is that? Normally, during commercial breaks in sporting events viewers would go and make a cup of tea (how very British of them), but this campaign encourages you to stay and watch the actual ad to find out what this “Mystery box” might bring you.


I think that’s a marketing trend right there! A very strategic approach to a seemingly well thought out campaign which will keep everyone guessing and be very hard to beat! I for one am very excited to see how the ‘Mystery Box’ influences the public’s game day and we shall see what the 2019 marketing year will bring and whether Burger King truly have created a trend. So far it looks like a very exciting one!


Author: Elina Sing