5th July 2018

Power to the people. 

Power to the people.

I have been in the design industry for over 20 years, starting my career, on the cusp of the introduction of the Apple Mac and Adobe so as you can imagine, I’ve seen a lot of change.

Empowering a team.

From the beginning, I had great opportunities to work within a variety of businesses in junior design roles. I worked with so many talented creatives who along the way provided me with valuable experience, knowledge and training to the point where I was confident to craft my own thoughts and skills to become a valued part of a team. I soon learnt that the perfect mix of collaboration, tenacity and respect for each other ultimately delivered credible, creative solutions.

Along with the obvious software and technological developments, I have seen a lot of other changes in our industry. Changes in attitudes and expectations, that are helping to make the workplace a more flexible and understanding place to be are, as I see it, a huge benefit and vast improvement to the way things were when I began my career.

An anxious, overworked and undervalued team doesn’t function efficiently, nor does it deliver great work. For me, being able to empower my team by offering, flexible, remote working, encouraging individuals to ‘get out and about’, attending industry and client events, inspiring them to further learn and develop and teaching them to focus on working closely with our clients is so important, and these are all things we at Cygnus fully support and promote. The mentality of if you’re not at your desk, you’re not working is thankfully long gone.

The flexibility offered at Cygnus creates a positive environment and culture where teamwork, creativity and transparent communication can flourish. Our empowered leadership approach reaps benefits far beyond a happy and engaged team.

Cygnus are firm believers of empowering its people to work together to express their talent and experience for the good of the whole business as well as our clients and the projects we work on for them. Employee empowerment creates a culture in which we can all produce our very best work.

Empowering a team. Who benefits? We all do!


Author: Martin Carmody