5th July 2018

Perfect partners. 

Perfect partners.

Clients, customers and suppliers should be more than just that - they should be partners. Treated as such, they will become advocates.

Building relationships.

Within any business, it’s important to have the right culture, values and behaviours. However, it’s imperative to have synergy and strong relationships with the businesses you work with.

In the past, I have all too often witnessed agencies working in silo, which has resulted in fragmented relationships, ultimately affecting the work as it becomes complacent and stale. Thankfully, I believe on the whole, there has been a shift in attitude towards agency/client relationships with agencies striving to become partners rather than just third party suppliers.

Becoming a partner is all about communication and building relationships. Here at Cygnus we want to take our partners on a journey of discovery. That’s what we do, that’s how we add value, that’s how we understand business needs and that’s how we create effective, efficient and amazing solutions.

At Cygnus we continually encourage our clients to become partners. We work better together and the results prove it. As partners, we are more agile, united and adaptable to change.

Choosing the right partners and building strong relationships puts you on the road to business success and secures knowledge, continuity, endurance and sustainability.

Our clients want to be involved, we value their input and it is welcomed by our team.

Cygnus don’t have clients, we have partners. Whether you are a past, present or future client you are more importantly our partner.


Author: Martin Carmody