29th October 2019

Let's be curious. 

Let's be curious.

We are all curious at times, it’s a fundamental human trait. Some are more curious than others and the subject, object or degree of their curiosity differs by person and by situation.

“Curiosity has several kinds or flavours, and they are not driven by the same things.” Mario Livio

Increase your own curiosity.

Please don’t forget to register for the up and coming Curious event, which is taking place at the MK Gallery on the 6th November. Tickets can be registered for via: https://bit.ly/2kW9OPY


How curious are you? Does your curiosity drive you to improve, move forward and learn new things?

As a creative and digital design agency, our team are constantly curious. They are also passionate and tenacious with a desire to drive positive progress. Encouraging curiosity from individuals and teams within Cygnus means that we, as a business are able to ask the right questions to provide the right solutions in order to progress the brands we work with forward.

In today’s business world, trends change by the second, technology moves at a pace and it’s sometimes hard to always keep up. What we know today might have developed into something less familiar or have even disappeared by next month! By staying curious, we remain proactive and are able to continually fuel our creativity, to understand innovation, tools, medias and ultimately opportunities to add value and brand/business credibility for our clients.

If you’re not a naturally curious person, then be confident to lean on others to reinvigorate thoughts and inspire ideas. Spark your own curiosity by asking questions, embracing challenges and having an appreciation of the people and world around you.

Here at Cygnus, we encourage conversation by creating an environment where our team feel comfortable and relaxed enough to express their thoughts and ideas. Whether we are working together internally, or with our client partners, there are a few things we try to remember in order to stay curious, keep good conversations flowing and attitudes positive.


Never a silly question.

All ideas are welcome! Working collaboratively without any ego’s, dictators or set hierarchy is key. All questions are listened to with relevant discussion and input valued.


Absorb content.

Soak up as much as you can, even if you feel it’s outside of a comfort zone or its information you think you may not need. One day you might, and you’ll be grateful you took that extra piece of information in. Insight from colleagues, articles, online, events or just everyday life, it’s all valuable and it all adds to fuelling your curiosity.



Sounds basic and simple, but listening is a skill. The ability to accurately receive and interpret messages is key to all effective communication. Without the ability to listen effectively, messages are easily misunderstood. In our case, this might lead to a poor brief which misses the mark and becomes ineffective.


Always looking forward.

Dwelling on the past isn’t going to help you other than to allow you to understand where you went wrong. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way, it’s about learning from those experiences and applying them going forward. A positive attitude is infectious and approached in this way delivers the best results.


Embrace change.

Any change brings about something new and with this, naturally many become unsure, anxious, and fearful of the unknown. Instead, embrace it! Face change head-on and look forward to the discovery. Change usually presents opportunities and when you meet it with a positive outlook the results can be highly rewarding.  


As a team of creative and digital thinkers we will always ask questions, listen carefully, approach with agility, embrace the unexpected and always look forward positively.


Let’s stay CURIOUS – join the conversation.


Please don’t forget to register for the up and coming Curious event, which is taking place at the MK Gallery on the 6th November. Tickets can be registered for via: https://bit.ly/2kW9OPY


Author: Martin Carmody