1st October 2019

brand awareness. 

brand awareness.

Here at Cygnus, we recently created and launched an innovative game on behalf of Papa John’s using the YouTube TrueView platform to actively engage directly with their audience and brand.

Round one… CHOMP

The game coincides with the wider ‘Just Roll With It’ campaign that celebrates the launch of the new Cinnamon Scrolls dessert from the large pizza chain. Players were able to take control of ‘Dave’ by hitting pause at the right time in an attempt to feed him as many Scrolls as possible, whilst avoiding a number of hazards.

Perfectly reflecting the desirability of the new product, the game reinforces the campaign tagline that they’re ‘the best thing you’ll taste all week’ with a drool meter highlighting Dave’s frustration as more of the Cinnamon Scrolls roll past him, with nothing else hitting that sweet spot. As the game progresses items begin to move faster making it even harder to catch a scroll, keeping players engaged by focusing on the product in order to feed ‘Dave.’

With 1.9 billion monthly active users, YouTube is a huge market for Papa John’s to tap in to but cutting through the noise and holding a user’s attention is growing increasingly difficult. Creative and memorable ideas, such as gamification have really help to elevate Papa John’s UK in the consumer’s eyes – building loyalty, awareness and engagement in order to influence buying decisions. By engaging the audience in the game has allowed the brand to provide great content where ‘skipping’ the ad no longer becomes an option!



Play the game and feed Dave here: Just Roll With It.


Creative & Production Agency: Cygnus Ltd
Creative Director: Jamie Rayner
Client Lead: Laura Mills
Senior Creative: Matt Eeles
Music & Sound Edits: Jay Patterson

Client: Papa John’s UK
Marketing Team: Giles Codd, Sarah Widdison, Kanchan Lad