9th October 2018

Demystifying digital marketing. 

Demystifying digital marketing.

Here at Cygnus, we’re experienced in implementing a wide range of fully deployed, maintained and managed multi-channel digital marketing strategies. So whilst you stick to what you’re good at, running your business, our digital gurus are ready and waiting to get working on your brand!

Let our experts handle the complex world of digital marketing.

With a professional team of website designers, marketing and advertising specialists, SEO experts, copywriters, developers, and graphic designers, our broad range of skillsets will guarantee that your digital marketing is the best it can be.

First, we’ll gain initial insight into your business problem or challenge and then create a strategy aimed at delivering top class results and maximise your return on investment.

Our digital marketing experts like to keep up with the latest marketing trends. They spend a lot of time learning new skills, improving on existing techniques and strategies and keeping up with the fast-paced, ever changing and growing digital marketing world. Here at Cygnus we’re constantly expanding our digital team and the range of services and solutions we offer. We’ll make use of the most recent software tools and we know all about the latest research techniques and marketing applications to make your marketing more effective.

For any digital marketing project, we will always consider both client budgets and timescales. We will work with you to establish your budget, and how we can use that to best suit your business. When it comes to timescales, we can suggest timings, but of course we also recognise that you may have your own timings and we are more than happy to create bespoke plans for this.

Whichever approach we take, we consider every digital channel from search engine optimisation, to social media campaigns, paid media (ppc), content and influencer strategy as well as incorporating traditional techniques, if required.

Strategy, budgets and timescales agreed, we’ll start to put it all into action. We’ll manage the whole thing for you, providing regular reports to track and measure your campaigns as well as feeding back on things that aren’t perhaps performing as well as expected. We’ll highlight what and where we can adapt and improve to achieve the goals we set out together.

For us, transparency is key. That’s why we’ll record all activity, giving you full insight into campaign planning and the team’s day-to-day schedule, allowing you to monitor and manage all aspects of this process. Throughout the campaign you will have a dedicated account manager, who will contact you regularly with updates on the delivery of each aspect of your strategy.

Here’s just some of the services we can offer you, your brand and your business to maximise your digital presence and reach your online audiences:


Onsite search engine optimisation (SEO); an extensive list of criteria designed to organically improve your website rankings. There to ensure your website is finely tuned and correctly positioned to increase your online visibility.


Content marketing; we can develop web-based content to build brand awareness and increase interest in your products or services. Aligned across multiple channels including social media or email marketing to create a consistent message.


Email marketing; an effective method of directly communicating with your existing customers. We can develop a content timetable that can be delivered to your whole customer database or devise bespoke campaigns to segments of your audience.


Paid advertising (PPC); this includes techniques such as search engine marketing (SEM) incorporating Google text, display and remarketing techniques, social media advertising through YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – targeting your current audience or to attract new customers. We can suggest a wide variety of paid options to suit your audience, brand or budget, whilst ensuring that your paid activity is in line with your full digital strategy.


Influencer marketing; using the power of key individuals in relevant sectors and groups to build interest in your brand, products and services. Through social channels, events and podcasts influencers speak to an already engaged community. We can help you to source those who are appropriate to your brand and work with influencers to produce engaging content.


We know that every client is unique as are their digital marketing needs and overall goals; together we’ll work out the best approaches and strategies to make the most of your digital marketing. Everything we do is tried, tested, and fine tuned until we get the results that both you, and we, are looking for.

Talk to us today about your digital marketing requirements!


Author: Matthew Hickling