3rd December 2018

Meet our Cygnus Canine Colleagues. 

Meet our Cygnus Canine Colleagues.

You may well have seen the photos here on our website of our special four-legged friends who can be seen regularly roaming the Cygnus studio. It’s part of our culture and while it’s pretty unique, it’s a proven fact that our pooches can have a highly positive effect on us in the workplace.

Paws for thought: why allowing dogs in the office is a good idea.

Take this article from The Guardian which highlights three key benefits of bringing your dog to work. Firstly they lower stress, heart rate and blood pressure, secondly people perceive others as more friendly and approachable when a dog is present in the office and finally having a dog around is likely to increase cooperation and other positive behaviour traits among co-workers.

There is definitely a different vibe in the office when one of our canine colleagues is with us. Whether it’s the sound of the mad Springer having a moment in the corridor because someone has thrown her toy for her, or the gentle pitter patter of the teeny tiny Dachshund following her Dad around every step he takes, they all create conversation, sometimes cause moments of chaos, mayhem and hilarity and generally give the studio an extra warm feel.

When I applied for my role here at Cygnus, the idea of being able to bring my 4 year old Labrador, Ruby, in to work on the odd occasion was a real selling point for me. It would lessen the days my wife would need to pop home at lunch time, and would of course give Ruby a new environment to sniff her way round! Now, when she comes in, I set her up a little space by my desk for her bed, fill up her water bowl and she’s happy to just mooch about or lay by my side.



We’ve even got a doggy rota, so we all know whose dog is in when, and there is a real mix of breeds. Here’s an intro to the regular bunch:

Ruby – My beautiful black Labrador, very chilled and enjoys throwing her ball to you

Monty  The most affectionate Border Terrier in the world that loves A LOT of fuss. A great character and total ’Destroyer of balls’

Lola  Our tiny Dachshund ‘Sausage dog’, so small she often gets caught under your feet. She’ll most likely be found in her little portable dog house

Daisy – This gorgeous Miniature Schnauzer has been here since she was a puppy and is another overly affectionate one that cuddles like a baby. You will often see a team member trying to type an email over this grey ball of fluff sitting on their laps

Lola  The bin raider Beagle and the destroyer of lunches

Lottie  This Cavapoochon loves to trip you up with her extendable lead!

Rosie  The crazy Springer Spaniel is “The Boss’s” dog, SO full of energy, a great spirit, but a right wimp when her Dad walks out of view

Bella  The Boxer and the old lady of the gang. She is just happy to be here and loves nothing more than to nap under her quilt


Currently, according to reed.co.uk only around 8% of employees in the UK are allowed to take their dogs to work and I think if more people understood the benefits of adding dogs to the work place, this stat would be much higher.

“Allowing dogs in the workplace can improve morale and make employees think better of the company for offering this benefit… yet it can cost employers literally nothing.” 

Stephen Colarelli, Psychologist at Central Michigan University.


As a dog lover, I believe having our furry friends around makes our studio the place it is and so many more companies could be reaping the benefits our dogs bring to the workplace. The proof is in the research and I think findings like these just add to the proof that our beloved pets really are a man’s best friend!


Author James Howes