Brand Creation & Website Design & Build

Discover how we created the image of a curious new craft beer from the ground up

The Hornes family were new to the craft beer industry but recognised the need for their micro brewery to have a real brand presence. Our challenge was to create a visual identify that appealed to the core demographic whilst remaining engaging to other audiences.

The Brand

The Brand

After an initial research stage, and some open sessions with the client, we developed the simple and iconic Hornes Brewery marque. The logo evokes the rural culture of craft beer, utilising the impactful horn shape with a strong characteristic typeface.


The Beer

The introductory range of craft beer developed by Hornes Brewery was to be called Triple Goat, named after the three curious goats owned by the Hornes Family. Our aim with the label was to create a real narrative quality within the design, giving the featured goat illustrations real character and depth.



We’ve had such a great experience with the team. We felt like they really listened to what we were looking for from our brand and guided us through each stage of the project. They were full of ideas and we’ll certainly be working with them again in the near future.

Ryan Horne, Director, Hornes Brewery