Join our talented digital team. 

Join our talented digital team.

We are recruiting for a Senior WordPress Developer to join our digital development team.

Senior WordPress Developer.

Cygnus is a creative & digital agency looking for an experienced WordPress Developer to join our team.

This role will involve being able to work on a large variety of WordPress based projects, as well as other digital projects. The successful candidate will need to support and lead WordPress projects as well as be able to provide solutions and recommendations for WordPress based tasks.

This person will be expected to have extensive WordPress knowledge, and be up to date on WordPress developments and updates to ensure the team is using the best and latest features for future projects. 


Key responsibilities:

  • To build, manage and maintain high quality web-based projects, with a key understanding and drive for bespoke and complex WordPress projects
  • Keeping a high standard of coding and ensuring all development is kept to good coding practices
  • Being able to advise on WordPress implementation and be able to communicate clearly to stakeholder(s) technical solutions

Key involvement in the following duties:

  • To assist in the scoping of new digital projects
  • To work closely with the digital team to develop digital projects
  • Keeping the team informed of changing WordPress technologies and standards
  • To teach and share knowledge with other members of the team to better their knowledge of WordPress process and technologies
  • Deliver a high standard of best practise code
  • Working with databases to store and manipulate data

Required knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Strong knowledge of WordPress development
  • Strong development skills in HTML, CSS (SASS ideal) and Javascript
  • Understanding of YARN, Gulp, Composer and similar build tools
  • Good working knowledge of GIT/BitBucket
  • Experience using a LAMP stack
  • Strong understanding of development methods and processes
  • Be able to share WordPress knowledge and skills with team
  • Have an eye for identifying possible future development and plan accordingly
  • Accurately time entire WordPress builds and singular tasks

Interpersonal, communication and time management skills:

  • Excellent oral and written English language skills
  • Highly organised, confident and articulate
  • Commercially astute
  • Incredibly self-motivated and innovative
  • Able to multitask and handle a number of different projects
  • Good planning and organisational skills
  • Ability to work in a fast pace environment
  • Team player and strong advocate of the Cygnus
  • Ready to go above and beyond when it comes to delivery of projects
  • Have an excellent eye for detail

If this role sounds like the right career move for you, please do get in touch.
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